Great Schools make a Community Great!

Let’s face it, many of us live in Manhattan Beach because of our excellent public schools.  And our property values reflect that. That's why it is critical that the City Council continue to strongly support the schools.


No other candidate can match my nearly 20 years of involvement in the District. It's not just that my four children attended our schools; I've been in leadership positions at every PTA and every level.  I started as the Treasurer at Grandview in 1999 and continued on in various board positions and committees which included the PTA President at MBMS and the District Advisory Council. So, while I got involved in PTA  to help out a little, I ended up learning a lot about how schools are financed in California and how important community partnerships are in providing quality education in Manhattan Beach. 


Currently, the City has a Shared Use agreement with the District that provides over $800k a year to the Schools for use of school fields and  facilities. This agreement gets renegotiated periodically and I firmly believe that it is appropriate and critical to continue this financial arrangement. The entire community benefits from this partnership.  For example, did you know that  Polliwog Park and Begg Pool are actually owned by the School District?


School Resource Officers are a good example of both a creative collaboration and community policing, because when schools are in session, nearly 20% of the city's population are in the schools.

There are other ways to partner with the District and especially during this pandemic, the schools need our help more than ever.  The only thing more difficult than being on City Council in 2020 is being on the School Board in 2020!


Whether it’s through sharing our facilities or services to help with distance learning, or partnering with the District to provide Library services to the residents on the east side of the city, Council must be open to new ideas.