Keep what we love-Plan for the future 


Residents and visitors alike love our  “small town” feel.  It's one of things that makes makes Manhattan Beach so special.


We  all love that we can go out to dinner in shorts and flip flops.  We love our independent retail like Pages, a Bookstore and Tabula Rasa.  We have restaurants for everyone from award winning  Fishing with Dynamite to local favorite Uncle Bills.  We are proud of our iconic pier and roundhouse and let’s not forget these signature community events, which we are missing due to Covid; Old Hometown Fair, Santa Claus Float, Holiday Fireworks, Pier Lighting, our Little League parade, The Pumpkin Race, Six Man and Concerts in the Park.​ 


I am against  short term rentals and am glad a prior City Council's banned them.  Manhattan Beach is predominantly a residential community. The big business of short term rentals threatens our neighborhoods.  Large real estate investment companies should not be allowed to buy  large blocks of local homes in order to turn them into lucrative short term rentals.  I support the Council's recent decision to  appeal the  Superior Court ruling that we must allow short term rentals west of Highland Avenue.

I will ensure any commercial development is community informed, environmentally sound, and economically beneficial to the City and its residents.  Any new development must be right sized, in the right place, and the community must have more than adequate notice and opportunity  for input. As a Councilmember,  I will ask staff to go above and beyond required notice protocols to solicit that input.

 I will use my position as Councilmember to advocate for local control  so that laws that are passed at the state level reflect our coastal community reality.  When laws that threaten our local control are passed, I will work to create responsible policies that mitigate the effects  and their unintended consequences.