a safe  Place to live

Keeping Manhattan Beach safe is a top priority for me. 

We all want safe streets and a safe community, it's another reason people want to move here. 

I support our local Manhattan Beach Police Department and will ensure that it is appropriately funded. And while crime statistics are tracking with those from recent years, many residents feel that crime is on the rise. Regardless of the data, residents  need to be heard and feel safe. The recent Council direction to add more foot patrols to our downtown area is a great example of responding to residents.


 As your Councilmember, I'll ensure that the Police Department is responsive to residents, while also treating all people fairly.  It's how they operate now. 

I am in favor of the Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR) that have been installed at several entry points to Manhattan Beach;  they have captured many stolen vehicles and hundreds of weapons and ammunition have been taken off the streets.  It’s important that our privacy policy that is associated with the ALPR’s be as airtight as possible, and currently we don’t allow the sharing of that data with ICE or any company or individual.


Lastly, I love our local Fire Department.  It's personal to me as they have come to my house many times for medical  emergencies and I’m not sure I would be here without them.  Any change in how fire services are delivered would only happen after extensive community demand and exhaustive research and data. I don’t see that demand.  I support rebuilding the fire station on Manhattan Beach Blvd; it needs seismic upgrades as well as additional facilities that would make it easier to recruit and hire women to our Fire Department!