A healthy environment is good for MaNhattan beach!

We love our clean beach and ocean.  Our beaches bring thousands of people here from all over the world which has a positive effect on our local economy.   We need to keep it clean by policies such as the ban on public smoking, plastic straws and lids, and styrofoam products. 


I am against the West Basin Water District’s proposed Desalination plant in El Porto. This is costly to build, costly to power, and will have long term negative effects on the health of the ocean.  

Cleaning our stormwater run-off is crucial to the health of the ocean.  And that is expensive.  Residents pay into the Stormwater Fund, but that fee has not changed since 1976.  The actual cost to treat stormwater to the minimum mandated  standard  is about five times the amount we collect. Hence, the General Fund subsidizes the actual cost of treating the stormwater to the tune of 1.3 million dollars a year. 


By looking at ways to reduce pollution before it gets to the ocean, we can reduce the cost of treating the stormwater which would reduce that encroachment. We can encourage new homes and businesses  to add more permeable ground cover  to reduce stormwater run-off. When re-surfacing city owned pavements, we can add permeable pavement where appropriate to do the same, on a larger scale.  And we can encourage residents to capture and reuse rainwater and greywater.


Since we are a coastal community, we need to increase our climate resiliency; restoring dunes to mitigate sea level rise, and incentivizing sustainable residential and commercial  building practices.

I support renewing our Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, in order to establish new targets for reducing carbon emissions. Staying in the Clean Power Alliance is an important part of reducing our carbon footprint.   I support the bans that are in place on the sale of tobacco products in our City as well as on smoking in all public areas. Cigarettes are not only one of the top forms of beach trash, but they are also a public health threat.