FIscal Stability is Essential

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Fiscal Stability is the foundation that allows everything else in our city to occur. Our safety, clean water,  great parks... all of that depends on a stable budget.


Everything in our City, from dog poop bags to additional public safety positions needs to be looked at through a budgetary lens.  I can do that, it’s what I did professionally and I do it well.


I have my degree in business administration specializing in information systems and mathematics. I worked for 17 years as a management consultant with Ernst & Young specializing in  financial, budget, and process improvement systems.  I'll use this experience to ensure that as a city, we  are using sound data to make decisions and allocating resources in the most effective manner.

Our City is likely to be facing reductions in a variety of revenue sources; developer fees, user fees, occupancy tax and sales tax revenue due to Covid-19.  When faced with tough budget decisions, I'll seek resident input on priorities, while understanding that we have infrastructure and facility needs that cannot ignored.


I will work to overcome these financial challenges and preserve our healthy financial reserves. I'll draw on my leadership and financial experience to make responsible decisions which are smart and protect your tax dollars.


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